Wyoming Medical Wellness Center

A healthy life is built on a balance of gratitude, love, faith, courage and humor. The Wyoming Medical Wellness and Aesthetic Clinic was built on these principles and upholds them proudly in service to the beautiful Gillette community.

Dr. Daniela Gerard

Our Dr. Gerard is guided by an inquisitive mind and deep compassion for human life. Her unwavering curiosity has been a constant companion on the journey toward making her Gillette’s premier functional medicine and aesthetics doctor. Her combined traditional medical, functional and aesthetic approach uniquely tackles inner and outer wellbeing from the inside out and outside in.

Dr Daniela Gerard Background
Dr Daniela Gerard Background

Functional Medicine

Where conventional medicine offers a bandage, functional medicine provides a cure. This unique practice considers every aspect of the patient to tackle diseases at their source. Contact The Wyoming Medical Wellness and Aesthetic Clinic to learn more.

Lifestyle Modification

Healthy living is possible through support and proactive lifestyle modification. Dr. Gerard’s individualized approach to health care evaluates your needs and offers advice for living a better life.

Skin Rejuvenation

Total body synchrony relies on finding balance between the inside and outside. Dr. Gerard’s ICON laser treatment rejuvenates the beauty of your skin, restoring your confidence and overall health.


Folks who value their appearance require the best skin care. At our clinic, we appreciate the link between internal wellness and external beauty. Our specialized aesthetic treatments work with your body to help you look as good as you feel.