Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Management

Depression is often stigmatized, but it is important to note that this disease is often due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. A measured course of antidepressants can work to restore chemical balance and get you feeling like yourself again.

Depression and Anxiety Management Through Medication

Antidepressants are a form of medication that affects your serotonin uptake. These pills come in many varieties and their dosage is best determined by a trained medical professional. Unlike other doctors, Dr. Gerard does not recommend antidepressants immediately. When you come to our clinic, you will be greeted by the doctor and asked a series of questions. These questions will be used to understand your particular condition and needs. After the evaluation, Dr. Gerard will recommend a treatment course that includes talk therapy, diet modification, and more. The prescribed medication will work in tandem with Dr. Gerard’s course to give you the best results possible.

How can Antidepressants Help Me?

When used correctly, antidepressants can significantly improve one’s well being. These medications are not to be taken lightly and their use will be regulated by Dr. Gerard. Over the course of your treatment, you will be provided with the tools necessary to help you manage your depression symptoms. In addition to providing you with a treatment course along with the antidepressants, Dr. Gerard will also make herself available for online counseling.

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Results of Using Antidepressants

The results of using antidepressants will be improved appetite, more energy, and a better outlook. Over time, you need to continue taking medication will be periodically evaluated. If it is found that your lifestyle modification has improved your depression, the use of medication will be tapered down and eventually stopped. Dr. Gerard believes in a natural approach to healing and will do all she can to assist you in your battle with depression.

Depression and Anxiety Management in Gillette, Wyoming

Living with depression can feel debilitating. The aches, lack of energy, and the loss of interested can make you feel isolated and alone. Dr. Gerard is here to help you fight your depression and get you back to feeling like your old self again. Request an appointment today by calling (307) 670-9200 or filling out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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