Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkle treatment doesn't have to involve complicated procedures or an exorbitant amount of money.

Wrinkles and fine lines are frustrating mainly because, at first thought, there is nothing you can do about them. After all, Botox is only for the rich, right? Actually, in the last few years Botox has become much more readily available. Even here in Wyoming, aesthetic services seem to be on the rise. At the forefront of this shift are doctors like Daniella Gerard. By perfecting her injection techniques, Dr. Gerard has gained the knowledge to reduce your wrinkles without making you look overdone. Visit our clinic today to discuss how Botox treatments can help you look and feel younger.

Man receiving a Botox injection in his forehead

Why do Wrinkles Occur?

Wrinkles and fine lines are caused by repetitive facial movements and a gradual decline in collagen production. As we age, our bodies lose their ability to produce the proteins that maintain skin tightness. At around 30, we begin to notice increased skin laxity and lines across our faces. Collagen loss is unfortunately unavoidable, but reducing muscle tension in the face through Botox can slow down the aging process.

Wrinkles Treatments with Botox

Botox is a special injection made of botulinum. In small doses, this compound causes temporary muscle paralysis at the injection site. By injecting Botox into certain areas of the face, we can prevent muscle movement and stop wrinkles from deepening. When you come in for a visit, Dr. Gerard will talk to you about your aesthetic and wellness goals. In order to determine the best injection site, she will also examine your facial structure and trouble areas. Afterward, the actual injection procedure will likely take as little as 5 minutes. No downtime is required after the treatment and your results will look natural and discreet. 

Results of Botox Injections

After your wrinkle treatment session with Botox, you can expect to see results in as little as 3-7 days. The paralysis caused by Botox typically lasts for 3-4 months and is completely harmless. In some cases, paralysis may last as long as 6 months, so don’t be alarmed if that happens. While active, the Botox will prevent your facial muscles from moving and leave your skin completely wrinkle-free. You will look radiant and can come in for touch-up appointments to keep your new look going.

Botox in Gillette, Wyoming

Wrinkle treatment doesn’t have to involve complicated procedures or an exorbitant amount of money. If you’re struggling with deep lines and wrinkles, visit Dr. Gerard to talk about our specialized Botox treatments. Request a consultation today by calling (307) 670-9200 or filling out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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