Chest Pain

The Functional Medicine approach to treating chest pain leaves no stone unturned.

When most people think of chest pain, they think of heart attacks. While a heart attack is certainly a possibility, there are other health problems that can be the source of your discomfort. Chest pain can also occur due to blood clots in the lungs, stomach ulcers, and even panic attacks. In order to determine the source of your pain, you need a doctor that covers all of her bases. Dr. Gerard takes a comprehensive approach to healthcare, assessing the pain and its potential causes on a patient by patient basis. 

Struggling with Persistent Chest Pain

Functional Medicine holds firm to the principle of individuality. When it comes to persistent pain, a thorough analysis of your medical history, environment, and habits are required to come to a diagnosis. Your consultation with Dr. Gerard will begin with a thorough conversation about yourself. After getting to know you, Dr. Gerard will create a thorough program aimed at alleviating your pain while also improving your overall health.

Woman with pains in her chest

Help with Chest Pain

Nutritional Guidance

If your chest pain is caused by heartburn and indigestion, an assessment of your nutritional habits may be in order. By changing your diet in accordance with Dr. Gerard’s recommendations, you can get a better idea of what food works best with your body.

Exercise Programs

Some chest pain may be due to panic attacks or excessive stress. Regular exercise is advisable in these instances as the endorphins released through physical activity can be very therapeutic. A visit with Dr. Gerard can provide you with a customized exercise plan.

Nutritional Supplements

Certain vitamin deficiencies may lead to aches and pains throughout the body. If Dr. Gerard’s assessment reveals a lack of nutrition, she may recommend a supplement to restore your body’s balance.

Health Coaching

Ongoing consultations and checkups are essential for your longevity. In order to properly cure your illness, it is important for Dr. Gerard to remain in communication with you. By following her guidelines, you can discover a whole new side of wellness.

Living Pain Free

Chest pain can strike for a variety of reasons. The Functional Medicine approach to treating chest pain leaves no stone unturned. Dr. Gerard’s approach relies on a series of comprehensive tests and questions aimed at discovering the exact cause of your discomfort. At the end of your consultation, you will gain a better understanding of yourself and be able to take the proper steps toward living a pain-free life.

Chest Pain Treatments in Gillette, Wyoming

Chest pain can be as uncomfortable as it is varied. Understanding its source often takes an inquisitive mind and medical expertise. Request an appointment with Dr. Gerard today by calling (307) 670-9200 or filling out the form below. We look forward to helping you feel better.

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