Since depression doesn't have one single cause, Dr. Gerard offers a range of treatment options that depend on particular patient needs.

Recognizing depression can often be difficult, even in a tightly-knit community. Though Gillette is known for its hospitable and caring environment, feeling low is still possible here. If you’ve been feeling tired, have aches and pains, and are dealing with persistent low mood, then coming in for a visit with Dr. Gerard may be right for you. Unlike doctors who only practice traditional medicine, Dr. Gerard takes a holistic and personal approach to treating her patients. At The Wyoming Medical Wellness + Aesthetic Spa, your depression will not be dismissed.

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What Causes Depression?

There is no single cause of depression. Though millions of people are currently suffering from the disease, there is still much we have yet to learn. Depression can arise from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Significant life events such as divorce, a death in the family, and the loss of a job can all contribute to depression. Also, some people are simply born with a greater predisposition to developing the disease. Since depression doesn’t have one single cause, Dr. Gerard offers a range of treatment options that depend on particular patient needs.

Depression Treatment Options


Medication may be recommended for patients that don’t appear to be improving or that are otherwise finding it difficult to cope. Antidepressants come in many varieties and the right medication for you will have to be determined. 

Nutritional Guidance

Proper diet is the cornerstone of living a healthy life. In recent years, we have discovered a significant link between the bacteria in our stomachs and the chemicals in our brains. By devising a correct dietary plan, you can take an active step in living depression-free.

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Stress Management

Nothing adds to low mood more than stress! However, stressful situations are sometimes unavoidable. A visit with Dr. Gerard will provide you with the tools needed to work through stress and gain better control over your emotions.

Nutritional Supplements

Sometimes our diets need a small boost in nutrition. These supplements work by restoring balance to our systems by giving us the nutrients that we’re lacking. By restoring nutritional balance, you will take one step closer toward alleviating your symptoms.

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Results of Depression Treatments

Having someone compassionate in your corner is essential for living depression-free. This disease is multi-faceted and shouldn’t be tackled alone. When you visit Dr. Gerard, you will discover a support system that not only addresses your physical symptoms but your emotional ones as well. Those who follow Dr. Gerard’s recommendations notice a gradual improvement in their energy levels, sleep, appetite, and overall mood.

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Treating Depression in Gillette, Wyoming

Depression often makes us feel isolated. When you visit The Wyoming Medical Wellness Center, you will discover a compassionate and friendly guide through life in Dr. Gerard. Fight your depression and return to feeling like your old self again. Request an appointment today by calling (307) 670-9200 or filling out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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