Sexual Dysfunction

You deserve happiness, don't let sexual dysfunction get in your way.

Frustrated man suffering from sexual dysfunction

Stressing Over Sexual Dysfunction

Family and community are the cornerstones of life. Unfortunately, many couples struggle with some kind of performance issues. Sexual dysfunction is often complex in that it can be caused by multiple issues working simultaneously. Physical problems, medical conditions such as heart disease, and psychological problems arising from anxiety, depression, and stress, can all contribute. Dr. Gerard’s approach to treating this issue involves a thorough, individualized assessment. 

Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction

Nutritional Guidance

A surprising link between our stomachs and our mental wellness has recently been uncovered. The food you eat can have a big impact on your stress levels, which in turn affect your sexual function. By addressing and improving your diet, you can return to stability and regain your sexual confidence.

Nutritional Supplements

A lack of certain nutrients may be a contributing factor to your sexual vitality. By restoring your body to its ideal state of balance, you can regain your confidence and improve your performance.

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Resolving Sexual Dysfunction Naturally

Sexual dysfunction can not only take its toll on our confidence but also impede our personal want of starting a family. If you are struggling with this issue, then Dr. Gerard’s treatment options may be just the key. By adhering to the doc’s advice, you can see a gradual improvement in your well being and sexual function. Over time, increased energy and better health will soon follow.

Sexual Dysfunction Treatments in Gillette, Wyoming

You deserve happiness, don’t let sexual dysfunction get in your way. Dr. Gerard’s personalized assessments can provide you with the root cause of your issue and give you the treatment you deserve. Request an appointment with Dr. Gerard today by calling (307) 670-9200 or filling out the form below. We look forward to helping you feel better.

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