We offer a range of nutritional supplements and anti-aging products to help combat signs of aging, both from the inside and the outside.

Gillette is a friendly town where neighbors still help neighbors. Despite its increasing expansion, it is still in many ways an excellent place to retire. Living out here is peaceful, but peaceful living and aging don’t have to go hand-in-hand. Getting old is something we all experience, but proactive management of one’s health plays an important role in how quickly we age. Dr. Gerard loves her neighbors and is here to help them combat the more debilitating signs of old age through healthcare.

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What Contributes to Aging?

Aging is a highly individualized process that depends on several factors such as cellular damage, genomic instability, and oxidation damage, among others. Specifically, increased wrinkles and facial volume loss occur due to our body’s decline in collagen and elastin production. Though these listed factors are a natural part of human life, their onset and can be controlled to some extent. Dr. Gerard offers her patients a range of nutritional supplements and anti-aging products to help combat signs of old age, both from the inside and the outside.

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Improving Signs of Aging

Anti-Aging Facial Products

Dr. Gerard is partnered with several anti-aging product providers such as Derme, Druide, Physiodermie, and Eminence. These providers offer creams, serums, and balms to improve skin texture and elasticity. 

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Nutritional Supplements

Certain nutritional supplements are known to improve our bodily functions. When you visit Dr. Gerard, she will thoroughly assess your body and create a comprehensive list of nutritional products that will help reduce your internal signs of aging.

Addressing Advanced Age

Getting older does not have to be a steep decline into ill health. Dr. Gerard’s expertise and personalized approach to healthcare offers patients the tools needed to face their aging with confidence. Though the use of nutritional supplements and anti-aging products, age can be delayed without significant side effects. By sticking to the doctor’s recommendations, you can notice a gradual improvement in your skin texture and increased vitality. After your initial visit, you are welcome to come back for follow-up appointments to further your progress.

Reduce Signs of Aging in Gillette, Wyoming

Getting older is highly personal and therefore requires personalized treatments. While conventional medicine offers “one size fits all” treatments, Dr. Gerard takes the time to get to know her patients and guide them on the road to restoring both their inner and outer beauty. Request an appointment today by calling (307) 670-9200 or filling out the form below. We look forward to helping you feel better.

Services for Aging

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