Dr. Gerard takes the time to know her patients, assess the sources of their stress, and develop individualized management packages.

Most folks in Gillette live a peaceful life away from the noise of the big city. Despite this, some of us still deal with occasional bouts of stress. When left unchecked, that tension in your shoulders could develop into anxiety and depression, causing further health complications. At Wyoming Medical Wellness Center, we understand the need for healthy stress management. When you visit Dr. Gerard at our clinic, you can take advantage of her comprehensive and compassionate approach to addressing your mood.

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Struggling with Stress?

Chronic stress is impossible to shrug off. In addition, it often tends to be multi-faceted, stemming from several contributing issues. In order to properly combat this feeling, it is important to get a deep understanding of your personal genetic makeup and environmental factors. Your family history and your day-to-day activities come together to determine your mood. Dr. Gerard explores every angle of your life to assemble the best treatment package for improving your life.

Options for Managing Stress

Nutritional Guidance

Though not often considered as a factor, studies have shown that the things we eat play a tremendous role in shaping our mood. The impact nutrition has on the nervous system and the mind makes it a vital point for exploration. Regaining control over your mood through nutritional guidance may take up a significant portion of your management package.

Stress Management

Tension is more than just a reaction to a single stimulus. Proper management begins by identifying and addressing specific causes. When you visit our clinic, Dr. Gerard will personally take the time to discuss the aspects of your life that are causing you the most discomfort and recommend healthy steps to deal with them.

Nutritional Supplements

Our bodies sometimes require an additional boost to function better. Nutritional supplements can give our systems the healthy motivational kick needed to reduce stress and return us to our proper equilibrium.

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Results of Stress Treatments

Human beings are complicated, but it is our complexity that makes us unique. You are an individual and the particular causes are likely different from anyone else’s. As such, Dr. Gerard’s treatments for stress vary from patient to patient. However, what they have in common is their capacity to help. By sticking to our stress management program, you will notice a gradual improvement in your ability to handle this feeling and overcome it.

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Stress Treatments in Gillette, Wyoming

Treating stress can’t be done with quick-fix solutions. Dr. Gerard takes the time to know her patients, assess the sources of their stress, and develop individualized management packages. Request an appointment with Dr. Gerard today by calling (307) 670-9200 or filling out the form below. We look forward to helping you feel better.

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